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Your Best Choice!

aGROair® will work with you to determine the most effective products and airflow design to ensure constant air exchange based on the size and layout of your growing space.


Air management in the growing space is critical. Air must be mixed evenly throughout the entire grow space, and regularly exchanged in order to avoid 'air pockets'. Constant air circulation is essential to obtain a well-balanced indoor atmosphere where the air is not too dry or too humid, and meet the required thermal and elemental make up for plant growth.


aGROair products are built to last in the grow environment.


“Pay me now or pay me later” – this old expression remains true for air moving equipment in a grow environment! Yes, it is easy to find less expensive air circulators and exhaust fans. However, the savings that you get today may evaporate when you have to replace the unit – sometimes in a very short period of time. Keep in mind the cost of the time it took to find and purchase the equipment. Time it took to install the equipment. And last but not least, inbound freight to get the equipment to your facility. This all adds to the actual cost (often these items exceed the “cost” of the equipment). aGROair offers equipment warranties which insures that your investment will be the right choice in the long run.

Our History


In 2019, aGROair® became part of the Maico group. The Maico group is a globally recognized leader in ventilation products and are known for their quality, reliability, and reputation. Maico also brings additional new market opportunities, fan innovation, and product expertise to aGROair. aGROair is proud to be a part of the Maico group, and we look forward to future growth.


Today, aGROair manufactures, designs, and warehouses products in Michigan. We also maintain stocking warehouses across the United States, keeping people, processes, and plants cool. Our goal is to be the preferred supplier of air circulation and ventilation fans in the North American horticulture markets.


aGRoair has a dedicated team working to cultivate a strong relationship with you, our customer, and deliver superior circulation and ventilation solutions designed for your need.