Inline Duct Fan

Inline Duct Fan

This highly versatile and efficient fans are used as either supply or exhaust fans. The AIF can be placed in many different areas where airflow is needed. These fans are great for removing air from small enclosed grow spaces and also are easily placed in areas where other objects make it difficult to place a more traditional fan, like in a vertical growing space. These fans are easy to install and can be mounted in any position.

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    aGROair® AIF Fans have a  5 year warranty from purchase date, to the purchaser to be free from defects in the materials and workmanship. 



Advancement of process and technology happen when like minded organizations work together. Our mission is to lead this advancement, providing you with lasting quality products and engineered indoor atmospheric conditions. Working together with you, aGROair® provides ideal airflow to promote and sustain growth in your facility.

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